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Student Senate candidates subvert election process with write-in votes

Once again, persistent lack of interest in student government ensured that we had more open Senate seats than candidates willing to fill them.

‘Slutwalk’ addresses victim-blaming and sexism in modern society

What a travesty that the very entity created to protect and defend citizens failed to do so because of victim-blaming and sexism.

Continuous budget fighting in Congress makes government irresolute

The budget fights over the last few months have, more than anything, shown the Orwellian hypocrisy of our divided government.

Regulations hurt Booth tradition

As Carnegie Mellon becomes increasingly paranoid and restrictions are added to the process, I worry that bureaucracy is destroying much of what Booth is at its core.

Pittsburgh's public transit crisis affects CMU

Carnegie Mellon’s student body can do little more than show the administration that transportation is an issue the students care about.

Pastor needlessly spurs violence after burning of Muslim holy book

Terry Jones, a fundamentalist pastor in Florida, burned the Qur’an on March 20.

A Person's Opinion

Carnival is this week. So, we asked, "who are you rooting for to win Buggy?"

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