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Students collaborate on terrifyingly fun web series, Zombie College Musical

A group of Carnegie Mellon students combine zombies and show tunes, with great results.

Waffallonia's staying power is questionable

Squirrel Hill’s newest dining location serves only Belgian waffles.

Panic! at the Disco releases album

Panic! at the Disco has reintroduced their exclamation point and released a new album.

Limitless runs into problems

If Inception and Shutter Island left you craving more science fiction, then Limitless is definitely for you.

Junior wins composition contest

Michael John Cuervorst, a master’s student in music composition at Carnegie Mellon, created a campus-wide music composition contest this semester.

Tales from Abroad: Switzerland

The author reflects upon the relationships he formed while studying abroad.

Did You Know?

Read about The Tartan’s unknown benefactor who left the staff a mysterious donation.

Dollar movie

Find out what movies are playing in McConomy Auditorium this week.

Everything you need to know

Dear Hoskins Brothers, The fall schedule of classes is up! I am torn between being excited and terrified. How can I possibly pick a schedule for next...


Tommy Guerrero’s new album, Lifeboats and Follies, is contemplative and jazz-oriented.


Find out what's happening on campus and around Pittsburgh this week.

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