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Students take hacksaw to beloved campus icon

At around 4 p.m. last Monday, a group of students observed individuals cutting through a crosspiece and column of the Fence.

Fence restoration rallies students to take action

“Operation Heal the Fence” attracted hundreds of students to the Cut that night to reclaim and repaint the Fence.

Student elections approach

Student government elections are approaching quickly, with debates beginning March 28 through 29.

Indira Nair discusses valuable life lessons and journeys

Nair delivered a lecture as part of “Journeys,” one of Carnegie Mellon’s University Lecture Series and the successor to the “Last Lecture" series.

President Cohon’s open forum improves communication

Carnegie Mellon President Jared Cohon gave an address on the state of the university last Friday.

Students mourn Jee Choi

Jee-Hoon Choi, a senior in the School of Art, died in a car accident Friday morning while he and a group of friends were driving to Florida.

Campus News in Brief

President Cohon received a prestigious award and Edith Balas shares her experiences and life trials.

Lecture Previews

Lectures with topics ranging from design, to technology, to government issues will be featured this week.

Crime and Incident

A student passed out on Wednesday evening and multiple laptop thefts occurred this week.

Statistically Speaking

Singers like Rebecca Black are taking over the music scene.

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