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Administration has the unique opportunity to set disciplinary precedent

The Fence incident should be an example to students that the administration is serious about preserving our community standards and our campus traditions.

United States needs to save resources for domestic issues, not foreign

We believe the government should, for the time being, re-evaluate its involvement in foreign issues and allocate more time and funds to fixing the American economy.

Cohon’s open forum is a step to better administrative communication

About 100 members of the Carnegie Mellon community had a chance on Friday to sit down with President Cohon for a question-and-answer session on the state of the university.

An open letter addressing the defacers of the Fence

To the students who defaced the Fence, and future would-be defacers of public property: It’s questionable what went through your minds when you took a hacksaw to the Fence.

Leadership Perspectives

I wanted to take this space to emphasize the importance of voting and knowing the candidates you vote for.

Community Opinion

While it is true that this was an act of blatant vandalism, another point of view should be considered as well.

Student government comes out of hiding for elections

Last year I organized and ran the student body presidential and vice presidential debates. But, truth be told, when it came time to vote, I abstained from voting for a presidential ticket.

Rebecca Black video inspires cyberbullies

“Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday...”

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