Statistically Speaking

The Employment Opportunities Conference (EOC) returns to campus once again this Thursday. The EOC is one of the many job recruitment fairs Carnegie Mellon offers its students, in addition to the Business Opportunities Conference (BOC) and the Technical Opportunities Conference (TOC). The EOC, in particular, attracts a range of employers and companies from across the nation. The conference offers unique opportunities for job experiences by bridging the gap between the companies and students. Many students who attend the EOC gain valuable internships and sometimes begin life-long careers. Looking at past statistics reveals how much the EOC has to offer students:

Total student attendance at the EOC in 2010: 2,056

Total student attendance at the EOC in 2009: 2,094

Percentage of 2010 graduates that are employed: 43%

Mean starting salary for graduates: $66,202

Number of full-time jobs offered to current students in 2010: 2,243

Total number of companies conducting on-campus interviews this year: 218

Number of companies attending the conference this year: 167

Sources: www.studentaffairs.cmu.edu/career/index.html and cmu-csm.symplicity.com