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“Lunar Gala: Mélange” showcases student designs

The much-anticipated “Lunar Gala: Mélange” took place this past Saturday, showcasing the talent of the student designers for 23 featured lines.

Hugo discusses the art of collaboration

A blues cover of Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” may sound questionable, but British-born music artist Hugo manages to pull it off with great success.

Magicka fails to deliver on its potential

Magicka in its current state is suffering more than a beached manatee in August.

Steelers fans express their enthusiasm through music

While most Steelers fans express support mainly by donning black and yellow garb and by carrying Terrible Towels, some fans instead express their love for the Steelers through more creative outlets.

127 Hours: A true story of survival and triumph

The movie is remarkable in the fact that the majority of it takes place in the same bit of canyon watching a man who can’t move, yet it is still entertaining.

Dollar Movie

Find out what anthology film will be playing in McConomy this week.

Did you know?

Learn how much it cost to build the Alan Scaife Hall of Engineering in 1961.


The authors explain the unappreciated beauty of minimal music.

Everything you need to know

About finding archenemies and the ideal henchman.

Treat your friends to cupcakes

Dozen Bake Shop may be right down the street, but why pay for cupcakes when you can bake an entire batch on your own?


I have no clue what your week will be like, but read this week’s horoscopes anyway. You never know; I might be right.

Comedian impresses with first book

Mike Birbiglia’s Sleepwalk with Me proves an entertaining read.


Find out what events are happening around Pittsburgh this week.

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