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Texas student with health problems uses robotic proxy to attend class

We hope that Carnegie Mellon and other universities continue to make education a top priority, regardless of the physical disabilities of their students.

Letter to the Editor

Our vision has always been to bring together student government leaders to provide the best services for the student body.

The Daily newspaper iPad application raises questions and concerns

Online publication using tools like the iPad is one approach to the problems current newspapers face.

News takes a backseat to blogging

Without fact-checking, without enforced journalistic integrity, the future of the news is bleak.

Planned Parenthood under attack in Congress

However, the naiveté of the situation exists in the fact that Planned Parenthood is by no means an organization whose sole purpose is the funding of abortions.

Bing and Google continue to fight over trivialities in most recent spat

Much of the hype and competition surrounding Google and Bing is generated in an effort to gain more publicity.

Community Opinions

With the massive increase in casual gamers, companies should aim at creating games that can bring together the two subsets of gamers instead of expanding the gap.

A Person's Opinion

It's Super Bowl time. So, we asked, What is the first thing you'll do if the Steelers win?

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