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Chinese government continues futile attempts at Internet censorship

The Chinese government will stop at nothing to censor its people. In particular, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter continue to be a main target for government censorship.

Paramedic involved in Snowpocalypse death fails to uphold her ethics

A year ago, Curtis Mitchell died while Pittsburgh was buried under a massive blizzard. He did not, however, die from exposure.

Campus obssession with gossip forums only promotes cyber-bullying

With increased awareness of cyber-bullying, we are both surprised and disappointed that students at Carnegie Mellon have recently been perpetuating this form of bullying through online forums.

Fox News violates journalistic boundaries

If staffers at Fox News really do, according to Media Matters, “operate without the slightest regard for fairness or fact checking,” then doesn’t that seem to be a rather big issue?

Lara Logan abused abroad and in U.S.

While covering news in Tahrir Square after former Egyptian Presdient Hosni Mubarak resigned on Feb. 11, CBS News correspondent Lara Logan was torn away from her crew by a crowd of men.

IBM’s supercomputer, Watson, plays Jeopardy! for media attention

The once-great Ken Jennings, lord of all trivia, master of the Jeopardy! board, has been vanquished by a computer.

Chick-fil-A continues to mix beliefs and business

The famous fast food chain Chick-fil-A recently donated food to an anti-gay marriage group. Last time I checked, restaurants were not subdivisions of religious entities.

A Person's Opinion

The Oscars are being awarded this Sunday. So we asked, what movie do you think will win “Best Picture” this year?

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