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Celebrate Valentine's Day Your Way

Over the years, Valentine's Day has rallied both big fans and big opposition.

How to avoid the dreaded Valentine's Day

Whether you’re single or involved with a main squeeze, even the spoken term “Valentine’s Day” can induce nausea or appendicitis in others.

Let your inner Romeo shine

Humans just cannot seem to resist the lure of the pick-up line.

Treat your valentine to delicious desserts

Flowers and chocolate might be the standard, but try celebrating this Valentine's Day with some baked goods instead.

Jim Carrey's newest movie brings dark edge to comedy

I Love You Phillip Morris, starring Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor, takes bromance to the next level in its depiction of the real-life story of Steven Russel, a cop turned con man.

Tales from Abroad: India

This is one entry from the author’s upcoming blog, which will be written in the form of lists and letters about her time while studying abroad in India.

Did you know?

The writer critiques a 50-year-old page of The Tartan.

Everything you need to know

Dear Hoskins Brothers, All my jerk friends seem to be getting internships before me. I’m so much smarter than all of them! Why don’t I have one? Sincerely, Needs...

Dollar movie

Find out what favorite magical franchise will be playing this week.


Read about a musical artist who creates an imagined past in the minds of his listeners.

Ask The Tartan: Valentine's Day

Find out what The Tartan staff is doing for Valentine's Day.

Saint Valentine's Horoscopes

In the spirit of the famous writer Jonathan Swift, The Tartan presents Valentine's Day horoscopes.


Find out what's happening around Pittsburgh this week.

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