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Bickering in Congress must give way to compromise

The 112th United States Congress has been in session for a month now and has already seen its share of controversy.

Obama introduces tax increases to pay for unemployment benefits

President Obama recently announced that his budget proposal would provide relief for states burdened by debt from unemployment benefits.

Hawaii civil union bill takes a step in right direction

We believe it would be wise for the government to focus on defining one set of civil union rights and responsibilities for all couples.

The Big Lebowski inspires a religion that emphasizes simple living

All this “dude talk” may sound silly, but I believe we would do ourselves great good if we abided by “The Dude” now and again.

Teen icon Demi Lovato seeks help with disorder

Lately, “rehab” and “celebrity” seem to go hand in hand.

Groupon Super Bowl advertisement offends viewers

We cannot support Groupon’s misguided attempt at irony, but we are grateful that the company has owned up to its mistakes.

Letter to the Editor

Your write-up doesn’t convey how thoroughly self-serving and condescending Mr. Ridge’s presentation actually was.

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