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Panera Bread’s racist, sexist practices warrant boycott

The Covelli franchise, which owns almost 30 Panera Bread locations in western Pennsylvania alone, only hires “pretty young girls” to work at the cash registers.

Student government accomplishes little in half-term

The student government executive branch and Senate need to reform their leadership and make this new direction more apparent to students.

Student Senate gives updates on initiatives

Student Senate accomplishes many goals that they have set for this semester.

Police brutality in Occupy movement violates rights

When it comes to flaws in the democratic process in our own country, many state and government officials have so far been content to look the other way.

More state power solves divisive issues

Local majorities who are national minorities should have the power to legislate for themselves without being affected by the will of people with different sets of values.

Community should try to tone down content

Most viewers just want humor and character moments from a sitcom, and while some craziness can add a little spice, it shouldn’t make the show too difficult to swallow in a single serving.

Penn State exploited Paterno as scapegoat

While the media lauded the Penn State Board of Trustees’ decision, I believe it only served to use Paterno as a scapegoat.

Holiday season should have more presence on campus

Students and the administration should do more to celebrate this festive time of year.

Republican candidates

Person's Opinion

Issues surrounding Occupy Wall Street continue to create controversy. So we asked, What is you stance on the Occupy movement?

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