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Making fuels from grass: CMU researchers explore alternatives

As energy demands rise with the ever-increasing world population, Carnegie Mellon researchers have conceptualized an efficient system that converts switchgrass into an energy-rich biofuel.

Possible fix for abandoned wells

Two Carnegie Mellon researchers have presented a policy analysis discussing the dangers of abandoned gas wells, which can have negative impacts on economic, environmental, and human health concerns.

Professor pushes hard disk limits

In an interview with The Tartan this past week, Dr. Jimmy Zhu shared details of his groundbreaking research, his current work, and some humorous anecdotes about grad school.

The RayMatic: Making a thermostat with a human face

How can one transform the mundane, impersonal task of glancing at a thermostat into a fun and engaging experience? One CMU Ph.D student just might have a solution with his RayMatic device.

SciTech Briefs

Swedish researchers recently published findings on how the duration and mode of a daily commute are correlated with negative health outcomes.

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