Did you know?

100 years: Nov. 9, 1911
The School of Applied Design holds a masquerade on Dithridge Street in the Conservatory of Music. Approximately 50 couples attended the event, which lasted until 2 a.m. All attendees were required to don masks for the evening; after the eighth dance, guests were unmasked, and the night of fun continued.

50 years: Nov. 8, 1961
An editorial about students’ time conflicts discusses a recent Kiltie Band trip to Rochester. Students were forced to either attend the trip or withdraw from the band. Students were frustrated by such an ultimatum, arguing that school should be their main focus.

25 years: Nov. 11, 1986
Delta Upsilon fraternity initiates President Richard Cyert into its group at its Founders’ Day House Meeting. Cyert is enthusiastic about the role Greek organizations can play in promoting social activities on campus.

10 years: Nov. 12, 2001
The women’s soccer team earns an invitation to the ECAC Mid-Atlantic tournament for the first time in Carnegie Mellon’s history. The women win two games before losing to Johns Hopkins University in their third game of the tournament. Although the team did not win the tournament, the team was more successful than in the previous season.

5 years: Nov. 13, 2006
According to the Nov. 6 issue of Time, Pennsylvania is ranked the 10th most expensive state in which to attend a private college. Carnegie Mellon’s tuition in 2006–2007 is almost $11,000 above the national average. The College Board reports that college cost increases continue to outpace inflation.

1 year: Nov. 8, 2010
Scotch’n’Soda performs The Rocky Horror Show during Homecoming weekend. The show was full of callbacks from the audience. In one instance, someone yelled, “That’s my roommate!” while the two main characters acted out a sex scene on stage.