Last-minute Halloween costume ideas

It’s Halloween. The one and only holiday where you can wear a ridiculous costume in public has finally arrived.

If midterms bogged you down and left you without time to shop or create a costume, then no worries. Below are a bunch of costume ideas that are both inexpensive — college students are perpetually on a budget, after all — and relatively quick to make.

Baby: Becoming a creepy adult-baby is simple. Find a friend who can lend you some blush for your cheeks. For girls and guys with long hair, it would be a downright shame not to take advantage and make some pigtails.
* Teddy bear
* Pajamas
* Ability to throw random tantrums
* Makeup

Zombie: Throw on some tattered clothes and borrow some makeup from a friend. Use some foundation and some red lipstick to create some oozing wounds. Dark eyeliner will also go a long way.
* Makeup
* Tattered clothing
* Moaning abilities

Bag of Jelly Beans: Wear a white shirt. Find some construction paper and cut out several kidney-shaped pieces in a variety of colors (or just in your favorite). Grab a large clear plastic bag and cut out holes for your head, arms, and legs. Now put the bag on over the cutouts that you have taped to your shirt. Make a sandwich board using cardboard, and use some ribbon to tie it around you. This will be a great conversation starter. You will be able to ask people to if they want some of your goodies.
* Construction paper
* Large clear plastic bag
* Cardboard
* Ribbon

Glee’s Sue Sylvester: Put on a track suit. Accessorize with a whistle and a snarky attitude. If you can surround yourself with a medley of people who represent different cultures and a variety of people who happen to be able to sing, you get a gold star. Not sure from where, but you’ll get one.
* Sweat suit
* Whistle
* Bad attitude

Old Spice Guy (guys only): Grab a towel and wrap it around yourself — you might want to wear some shorts underneath, though. Borrow a bottle of Old Spice body wash from someone on your floor if you don’t already own some.
* Old Spice body wash
* Towel (preferably yellow)
* Flirtatious, charming personality

Ghost: Easy as pie. Like shooting fish in a barrel. Like a knife through butter. This clichéd yet classic Halloween costume is a great way to be festive and adorable. Just take some sheets (your roommate won’t miss them) and cut a couple of holes in them.
* White sheets
* Ability to utter “Boo” from time to time