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Cèilidh’s high potential deserves cohesive branding

We support Carnegie Mellon’s initiative in creating Cèilidh Weekend and would like to see it flourish. For that reason, we suggest branding it as a fall version of Carnival.

Freedom of expression should not exclude journalists

Journalists should strive to cover events in an unbiased manner. However, if they participate in political events that do not affect or influence their work, they should not be penalized for it.

Changes in Republican Party's platform could win larger voter pool

The 2012 election is a great opportunity for the Republican Party to cast away its old stigma of antiquated and prejudiced social policies and truly become the party of limited government.

999 tax plan does not solve economic problems

Herman Cain’s proposed 999 tax plan would be detrimental to our progress as a nation.

A few ground rules in cluster etiquette can save everyone grief

Frankly, Carnegie Mellon, we need to talk about what’s appropriate in a cluster at 4 a.m.

Loans are investments, not donations

While I do not wish debt upon anyone, I do think that the “Occupy” protesters’ demands for student loan forgiveness indicate something just as harmful as the “corporate greed” they claim to resent.

Referendum must pass so Carnegie Library remains

On Nov. 8, there will be a referendum on the ballot to create a source of funding for Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, which is now in jeopardy from funding cuts.

Political Cartoon: Occupy Wall Street

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It's the end of October, So we asked.
"What were you dressed up as for Halloween?"

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