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Using phrase "hooking up" has pros, cons

Let’s talk about “hooking up.” A study published in Health Communication shows that it’s a great term.

Administration communicates master plan effectively

The new Institutional Master Plan 2012 is a great example of how the administration can effectively communicate with the campus community and the community at large.

Letter to the Editor: H&SS strengthened by diversity

I write in reaction to the Sept. 26 Tartan editorial entitled “Dietrich Pride Day indicates deeper H&SS problems.” I found myself both bemused and bothered by this piece.

Recent Facebook changes are unnecessary, annoying

Throughout the week, my Facebook would update every two seconds with a new post about how great FMR was and how much my friends and acquaintances “<3” their new sororities or members.

Propel Pittsburgh commission must prove usefulness

How can a handful of young adults fix the city of Pittsburgh?

Wall Street protests highlight policy brutality

Members of the most recent Wall Street occupation, dubbed the “Occupy Wall Street” campaign, have been met with alarmingly hostile reception from the New York Police Department.

Flat tax would increase charitable gifts from rich

Imagine the United States as we know it now, but with a flat income tax rate. If you make $1 a year or $1 million a year, you get taxed the same proportional amount.

Revolving doors are unsafe

There is one thing that always seems to plague students here at Carnegie Mellon when they attempt to enter a building — getting stuck in a revolving door.

Person's Opinion

Autumn is upon us, and with it a whole host of television premieres. So we asked, "if you could be any television character, who would you be and why?"

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