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Carnegie Mellon students sing on the small screen

Two Carnegie Mellon students participate in television talent shows.

Bella Sara is surprisingly enjoyable

While this children’s game might not make a good first impression, it holds some surprises.

Internet takes over The Frame in latest show

The internet takes over The Frame in its latest show, straiGHT ouTTA deviantART.

La Traviata delivers drama

The Pittsburgh Opera’s latest production proves that opera is still relevant.

Orchestra charms audience

The Carnegie Mellon Symphony Orchestra had its first concert of the year last Wednesday.

Homestuck fans prepare for webcomic release

Fans of the internet’s longest single webcomic prepare for its latest update.

Tales from Abroad: Ireland

The author describes her time spent interning abroad in Dublin.


Genres can often be a useless method of categorizing and understanding music.

Advice for awkward people

Everything you need to know about picking a costume and preparing for midterms.

Did You Know?

Horror-film director and Carnegie Mellon alumnus George Romero gives a lecture.


Find out what’s happening on campus and around Pittsburgh this week.

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