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Belly dancing lessons can provide challenging, unique opportunities

Belly dancing. Life challenges. Carpe diem.

Excessively Photoshopped images disregard ethics

Dianna Agron posed on the cover of the September issue of Cosmo with her right arm dangling unnaturally from her too-skinny waist. Adam Levine was missing part of his torso in Russia’s Vogue.

Schools should incentivize without shaming students

What if the color of a card identified your state-determined intelligence to complete strangers and was used as a basis of discrimination against you?

Temporary campus art should be initiated, promoted

Having the landscape of campus change with temporary pieces of art makes Carnegie Mellon feel alive — it shows that students are passionate about creative endeavors.

‘Peeing’ phrase should stay in bathroom

In the last few months, I’ve observed a new phrase that girls use, a new way that women express who they are: by peeing themselves.

Bill for HPV vaccine is too costly and inefficient

I am writing in regard to Emily Dobler’s article “HPV vaccine touches off larger discussion on sex.”

Cain’s simplified tax plan is step in right direction

As GOP candidates try to distinguish themselves in their bid for the presidential nomination, Herman Cain and his 999 tax plan stand out.

Student Senate promises to focus on transparency

While I agree with several of the criticisms in last week’s editorial regarding Senate Week, there are a couple I would like to respond to.

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