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Student government communication unsolved by Student Senate Week

Student government has an image problem.

The cattle were lowing: Thoughts on an a cappella date auction

Let me set the scene. We met in The Underground, which coincidentally makes me think of a holding tank for slaves, but at least the singers looked dapper in their outfits.

Problems in H&SS cannot be overlooked

I’ll admit, I was both bemused and bothered by the letter to the editor regarding the article “Dietrich Pride Day Indicates Deeper H&SS Problems.”

New Arrested Development must maintain appeal of original

This week I learned that Arrested Development would return.

Assassination of Awlaki flouts basic rights, subverts U.S. justice system

Cause of death: Hellfire missiles.

Online courses have unique challenges, but present great opportunities

Advanced technologies are transforming the way people learn.

Nobel literature prize winner, ignored in U.S., is worth a read

Despite the fact that he has just won the Nobel for artists and that his entire corpus is less than 300 pages, he will remain largely unread in America.

Popular vote should determine presidential elections

The next 13 months are going to be a contentious time in politics. Not only do we have to elect a president, but it seems we also have to figure out how.

HPV vaccine touches off larger discussion on sex

California Governor Jerry Brown signed a law allowing children as young as 12 years old the power to consent to HPV vaccines on Sunday.

Person's Opinion

The VIA Pittsburgh festival was this past week. So we asked, "What are some of the coolest events/festivals/concerts you've been to in Pittsburgh?"

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