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Women’s basketball competes with conference rivals on road

The Carnegie Mellon women’s basketball team spent the weekend traveling.

The road brings trouble for men's basketball

The Carnegie Mellon men’s basketball team played three in-conference road games this week.

Track and field competes at Case Western

This past Saturday, the Carnegie Mellon track and field team traveled to Cleveland, Ohio to compete against Case Western Reserve University.

The Cutoff Man: Walk the walk, don’t just talk the talk - back up your words

Whether a person is liked or disliked will often come down to the words that come out of his or her mouth.

Stairway to Seven?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are in the Super Bowl once again, shooting for their NFL-record seventh Vince Lombardi Trophy against the NFC representative, the Green Bay Packers.

Intramural sports: Basketball leagues

This week marked the opening of perhaps the biggest league of the year for intramural sports — basketball.

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