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Combat exclusion policies should cease for women in U.S. military

The Military Leadership Diversity Commission (MLDC) released its recommendation that “combat exclusion policies” for women in the armed forces be removed.

Tiger Mother’s harsh parenting techniques do not ensure superiority

In parenting, condensing an 18-year stretch into a formula is not smart.

Facebook keeps users vulnerable

Privacy issues surrounding Facebook pose threat to its users.

Tell-tale guilt should follow end of Poe tradition

The anticipated Poe toaster tradition meets its end.

Pride meets new politics

Nation lacks faith when it comes to presidents and politics.

Campus community thrives by diversity of ideas

Unique thought and action among Carnegie Mellon students exemplify the university's strength.

To give value to an education, prioritize the first two years of college

Putting the money we spend on our education to good use should be the main priority of the collegiate population.

A Person's Opinion

What's the most useful non-academic thing you learned in your first year?

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