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Study evaluates the impacts of different hybrid-electric vehicles

How do the different types of electric vehicles compare environmentally and economically? A recent study works to answer these questions.

Researchers find evolving dialects using Twitter

When one thinks of dialects of a language, one usually thinks of spoken variations that evolve from factors such as geographic location or social class.

How Things Work: 3-D technology adapted for televisions and home usage

The idea of 3-D pictures has been around since 1833, where a single picture was captured from two slightly different angles and then put together.

Health Talk: Avoid hypothermia by staying warm; alcohol accelerates heat loss

As the snowy weather shows no signs of letting up, students are constantly reminded of one aspect of winter — it’s very cold outside.

SciTech Briefs

Facebook moves all users to new profile While Facebook has been migrating its users to its new profile since last December, the change became mandatory...

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