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West’s new ‘Monster’ full of murder and misogyny

A clip of Kanye West’s newest music video, “Monster,” was leaked this week, quickly attracting the attention of the public and the outrage of many of the nation’s women.

College ACB leaves users vulnerable to libel

The problem for users of College ACB lies in one word: libel.

Sudan referendum could signal end to long conflict

During the past week, the country of Sudan voted on whether the southern region of the country should secede from the north.

Politicians, media should follow Giffords’ example

Many public officials and media personalities have already tarnished the memories of the victims by spouting their own agendas.

Leadership Perspectives

I want you, the students, faculty, staff, administration, and alumni of Carnegie Mellon University, to respond.

Community Opinions

The winter months are particularly trying, almost depressing.

County Port Authority made sensible fiscal decision

In December, the Port Authority of Allegheny County received millions of dollars in supplemental funding.

Letter to the Editor

An error appeared in the Nov. 22, 2010 edition of The Tartan.

Person's Opinion

The Tartan is trudging to classes through the snow this week. So we asked, what is your favorite snow-related activity?

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