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Former Carnegie Mellon history professor produces film on the crisis of the American Judicial System

Professor Johanna Fernandez teamed up with filmmaker Kouross Esmaeli to produce a film about the criminal justice system

First-ever gigapixel conference to be hosted by Carnegie Mellon

The Fine Foundation and Carnegie Mellon have announced a conference to discuss gigapixel technology in scientific fields

Student launches ‘Robot Census’

Knight is launching the Carnegie Mellon 2010 Robot Census — the first attempt to count every robot at Carnegie Mellon.

Information networking program awaits release of new Barbie

Barbie will soon move for the first time into the unfamiliar field of the technical sciences as a computer engineer.

Campus News in Brief

Combining food, culture, and politics, Conflict Kitchen promotes awareness of countries in conflict with America.

Lecture Previews

Yuki Miyamoto is an assistant professor of peace, justice, and conflict studies at DePaul University in Chicago.

Crime and Incident

University Police responded to the CFA building for a theft report.

Statistically Speaking

Here are some numbers representing the grand scale of this year’s U.S. Open:

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