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Castro’s reversal could signal change in Cuban society

Despite Castro’s contradictory statements, his words suggest the Cuban society’s economic engine might finally be starting to warm up.

French citizens should protest restrictions on freedom, not age limits

France came to a standstill last week as a 24-hour strike shut down schools, offices, and even public transportation throughout the country.

Software should be vetted before media coverage puts testers at risk

In our zeal for freedom, we cannot forget the importance of caution.

Afghanistan’s voting rates put U.S. standards to shame

As long as voter turnout remains so low in elections, radical groups can feed off voter apathy and grow in their political power.

University’s Facebook ban will not succeed

Students should be able to interact with their peers using whatever means they desire, regardless of the opinions of their administration.

Career fairs push Carnegie Mellon students ahead on recruiters’ lists

In the current environment for the top jobs we are fortunate to have such comprehensive job search opportunities right on our own campus.

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