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Censorship of Craigslist does more harm than good

In response to protests from state attorneys general, Craigslist has shut down its Adult Services section.

Warrantless spying violates spirit of law

Last week, an appeals court decided that law enforcement agencies are able to place GPS trackers on people’s vehicles without their consent.

Greek recruitment does not need to be stressful

It’s important throughout the Greek recruitment process to know that you’re not alone.

Qur’an-burning pastor should receive no legitimacy

The absurdity of this past week was matched only by its sad irony.

Iris scanners create dangerous precedent

Leon's new iris scanning system may disrupt fraud, but it will also disrupt liberty.

Leadership Perspectives

Whether you need to find a full-time position or an internship, there is something for you at the 2010 Technical Opportunities Conference.

GHC opening helps students but had poor execution

Assistant Dean Mark Stehlik announced that undergraduate student IDs now allow them access to all of the Gates Hillman Complex.

Silicon Valley gossip surrounds HP, Oracle

HP has offered up their ex-CEO Mark Hurd as the star of this month’s Silicon Valley soap opera.

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