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Contrary to popular belief, common sense is wrong

A recent poll from the Pew Research Center has shown that 18 percent of Americans believe President Barack Obama is Muslim.

‘Ground Zero mosque’ debate reflects darker past

The “Ground Zero mosque” — neither at Ground Zero nor simply a mosque — is an opportunity.

Stem cell research needs funding to progress

A federal district judge granted a preliminary injunction last week to cease funding of embryonic stem cell research.

Facebook sneak attacks users’ privacy with Places

Facebook’s newest feature is the latest in a series of updates to the popular social networking site.

C@CM changes adapt to students needs, schedules

We look forward to a greater variety of course formats in the future so that students can get the most out of their time at Carnegie Mellon.

Beck misunderstands America, religion, life

“You’re going to see the spirit of God unleashed, unlike you have probably ever seen it before.” —Glenn Beck

Leadership Perspectives

Organizations should not be thought of as a mere diversion from the more “serious” business that Carnegie Mellon is conducting.

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