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Oil spill demands research, effective safety rules

Lessons learned with the Deepwater Horizon spill need to be remembered and applied to oil rigs around the world.

Google has turned evil

Google has a new motto: Be relatively evil.

The cover is alive

The Web is dead. Or at least Chris Anderson, the editor-in-chief of Wired magazine, has stated that the Web is dead.

McChrystal was victim of opportunistic journalism

One of the most talked-about stories of the summer was the resignation of General Stanley McChrystal.

Obama’s remarks showed partisanship, not inspiration

The candidate who spoke of the audacity of hope has, as president, adopted too many of the worst aspects of Washington politics.

Wikileaks must be accountable for results of leaks

One would think that someone who named a video “Collateral Murder” would realize that actions can have collateral damage.

Wikileaks: Editorial Dissent

While others at The Tartan, the White House, and the Pentagon may claim that Wikileaks has acted irresponsibly, I disagree.

Leadership Perspectives

Welcome back, Tartans! It’s been refreshing to see so many familiar and new faces on campus.

Poor communication with sports field improvements

We begin the year with a strike against one of our editorial board’s most beloved topics: university communication.

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