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Census forms to be distributed across campus

The director of the United States Census, Robert Groves, gave a lecture at Carnegie Mellon on Thursday, March 25.

Joseph Pastorik steps down as Staff Council chair, leaves university

The current chair of Staff Council stepped down last Wednesday.

Student government voting information

Student Government Elections: This year's student government elections opened Saturday, April 3 at noon and will close Tuesday, April 6 at 6 p.m. Electronic...

Port Authority Transit Development Plan re-routes city bus lines

The first phase of the Port Authority’s Transit Development Plan took effect yesterday, as approximately 50 Allegheny County bus routes were re-numbered, re-routed, or discontinued.

Carnegie Mellon cricket team members honor service of fallen police officers

Carnegie Mellon’s cricket team hosted a benefit match last Saturday at noon for three Pittsburgh police officers who lost their lives last year.

Lecture Previews

Solomon Benatar will talk about the ever-changing global financial as long-term implications of the economy being unfair for global health and human flourishing.

Campus News in Brief

A book authored by Carnegie Mellon professor Don Marinelli featuring the late Randy Pausch has been released.

Crime and Incident

An individual witnessed a Carnegie Mellon employee walk into Entropy+ and take a package of Halls cough drops without paying.

Stats Speaking

Balancing homework, jobs, and extracurricular activities simultaneously, the average Carnegie Mellon student is no stranger to stress.

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