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Loyal Scot program has good intent, poor execution

Carnegie Mellon launched its newest alumni initiative, the Loyal Scot program, a few weeks ago.

Cutting faculty salaries lowers educational standards

Universities should carefully consider all the long-term effects that such budget cuts will have before taking action.

Leadership Perspectives

We will begin working on our initiative to showcase our campus organizations and student life to first-years immediately.

Letter to the Editor

If you’d like to continue benefiting from the contributions of high-quality investigative journalism, it’s going to cost you.

Segregation in public schools restricts students’ opportunities

If we are to truly move past the era of racism, children must not follow in their parents’ footsteps.

Student responsibilities unchanged by moving prom

By changing the night of prom, all students, including those who were not breaking the rules, are punished.

Letter to the Editor

I think the value of having an informed population is much greater than the risk.

Living out your narcissistic fantasies: A user’s guide

To fully indulge in the greatness that is me, I Googled “Cynthia Peng, The Tartan” and found numerous links.

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