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Professor predicts life in the future will resemble a game

A Carnegie Mellon professor describes how different companies' point systems may one day translate into daily behavior, turning our lives into a kind of game.

MULE looks to revolutionize laptop security by using location

MULE is a revolutionary laptop security measure that makes use of a specific, safe location as a method for encryption.

How Things Work: PrEP & iPrEP

Researchers are developing a preventative drug against HIV, which would help lower the risk of acquiring the disease if taken before possible exposure.

Health Talk: Thalidomide

Learn about thalidomide, a drug originally prescribed to treat morning sickness and still prescribed for other uses today, that ended up causing strange birth defects.

SciTech Briefs

A new theory explains how our universe may actually be inside a wormhole of a larger universe, which would explain many aspects of our universe that are currently unclear.

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