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Abstinence-only education harms teenagers

The government in its new health care bill decided to include $250 million in abstinence-only education funding.

French ban on veils violates basic religious freedoms

If French President Nicolas Sarkozy has his way, wearing Islamic veils in France might become illegal.

Anonymity of Wikileaks could be future of journalism

Wikileaks deserves the attention it has been getting and the respect of people everywhere who believe information should be free.

Proper nouns allowed in Scrabble? Not on my board

When I heard that Scrabble was ostensibly amending its rules to allow the use of proper nouns, my first reaction was one of sorrow.

Leadership Perspectives

Working on Spring Carnival Committee (SCC) has been a very exciting and enriching experience.

Net neutrality essential

The Internet is the future, but net neutrality is essential for making it a future controlled by users, not by corporate greed.

GameCrush is a travesty

GameCrush makes it clear that the PlayDates are there as little more than a virtual escort service.

Laws for unpaid internships are convoluted, outdated

Many unpaid internships that students are vying for may actually be illegal.

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