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Election debates educate student body about candidates' platforms

The candidates for student body president and vice president elaborated on their platforms at a debate yesterday. Click here to watch video coverage of the debates.

Student candidates vie for executive positions

This year’s student government elections, scheduled to begin Saturday, include a large pool of candidates for all three positions.

Candidate Robert Piston withdraws from SBVPF race

Yesterday, Robert Piston withdrew his candidacy for student body vice president for finance.

Students to vote on newly introduced referendum for student government stipends

A student-wide referendum regarding the potential payment of a yearly stipend to Carnegie Mellon’s student government executives is on the ballot next week.

1000plus day encourages student service

1000 Plus is in its third year of operation and for the past two has partnered with Pittsburgh Cares, a local nonprofit aimed at increasing community volunteerism.

SafeWalk encourages student safety

SafeWalk’s mission states that the group hopes to “minimize exposure of the Carnegie Mellon community to crime risks, to deter criminals, and to promote an enhanced feeling of personal safety.”

Lecture Previews

Arnetha Ball, a professor of education at Stanford University, studies discourse and its social expectations as they operate in a site of conflict: the bilingual and bidialectical classroom.

Campus News in Brief

For one week each school year, the School of Drama collaborates on more than 40 student-run productions to produce Playground: A Festival of Independent Student Work.

Stats Speaking

Last Thursday, the government of Dubai announced that Dubai World, an investment company, will receive $9.5 billion in order to restructure its debt.

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