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Threats against legislators undermine democracy

Rather than participating in democracy, those who commit violent acts against legislators attack its very foundations.

The Tartan endorses student executive candidates

The Tartan endorses Aaron Gross for student body vice president for organizations and Eric Wu for student body vice president for finance.

Software patents limit creativity, innovation

Recently, CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other people at Facebook Inc. were awarded a patent for the News Feed feature.

Republicans’ attacks reveal own hypocrisy

The Republicans are increasingly a party more interested in politics than progress, or even consistent policies.


The ultimate mission of the JFC isn’t to allocate $1.2 million; it’s to promote the advancement of all Carnegie Mellon student groups.

Execution for ‘sorcery’ violates basic human rights

We at The Tartan believe in allowing people in all nations to exercise freedom of thought, expression, and speech.

Leadership Perspectives

Please join us in taking the first step to decide our own future as students.

Americans have responsibility to complete census

We are pleased to see that the university is taking an active role in promoting the 2010 Census.

Health care bill abortion debate benefits women

The outrage over Obama’s executive order could incite a movement of more candid dialogue about women’s reproductive rights.

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