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Skinput transforms arm into touchpad

Skinput allows an arm or hand to become a user interface to control electronic devices.

Carnegie Mellon and UPMC improve health record efficiency

CMU and UPMC collaborate to streamline, and standardize, personal health records, which will increase the efficiency of doctor visits.

Privacy nudges protect information

Privacy nudges are small warnings that are being developed to alert Internet users whenever they may be giving away personal information unknowingly or to untrusted sites.

How Things Work: DNA Computers

Learn about next-generation computing technology that uses DNA molecules to perform calculations.

Health Talk: Aging

Learn the science behind the physiological effects of aging, and how aging isn't something to be feared.

SciTech Briefs

The Large Hadron Collider has broken the record again for energy used to accelerate subatomic particles in hopes to discover more about the early universe.

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