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Israelis, Palestinians can turn crisis into hope

For there to be lasting peace, the majority on each side that wants it must take action.

Student Senate should see strengthened service

This year, Senate has explicitly become a volunteer organization — anyone who wants to can try to keep student government functioning.

Sugar tax has good motivation but poor execution

Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl is aiming to fill the hole in the city’s budget with a new tax on sugar-sweetened beverages.

Bombings cannot become accepted events

Bombings aren’t normal, and we should stop treating them as if they were.

Leadership Perspectives

I don’t think it is any secret that the Carnegie Mellon Greek community has come under a lot of duress lately.

Their historical fictions, our alarming facts

Texas will structure history in elementary through high school textbooks in a way that glorifies the Republican Party.

New SIO improved old system, but needed better PR

What is more beautiful than this welcomed springtime weather? The redesigned Student Information Online portal, of course.

Paralympians overcome obstacles, break records

In the fading noise from the closing ceremonies of the Olympic games, the Paralympians compete.

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