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Controversial issues can benefit college journalism

We believe that controversy can benefit a university community by creating discussion and productive debate about important, relevant issues.

d’Arte explores worlds of fashion, design, culture

With the conclusion of this year’s Lunar Gala came the release of d’Arte, a new online magazine managed by Carnegie Mellon students.

State System’s strategy of eliminating majors reduces overall quality of public education

The State System of Higher Education should look for places to cut budgets without sacrificing the quality of education in state-owned universities.

Schools responsible for education, not surveillance

Privacy is a fundamental right and should not be invaded, least of all by those we trust to teach future generations.

Leadership Perspectives

Since Alternative Break first appeared at Carnegie Mellon in 2005, students have spent their breaks scattered across the Western Hemisphere.

Miscarriages should not be equated with murder

A bill that passed Utah’s state legislature on Thursday, Feb. 18 would charge a woman with murder following a miscarriage.

Job searching in Qatar challenged by discrimination

The fact that there is a bias toward a certain nationality or stereotype for jobs in Qatar cannot be overlooked.

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