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Changes to Ginger’s disappoint campus community

New renovations to Ginger’s exacerbate existing logistical problems, rather than improving service and quality.

Obama chooses successful new path for NASA

The United States may have to live with another country’s flag or business’s plaque on the moon, but the country will be better for it.

Future Salinger works will revive America’s interest

J.D. Salinger is the man who caught America’s attention at his prime, and he will catch it once again years after his death.

Abstinence-only education fails to prepare students

We must face the issue of a rising rate of teenage pregnancy head-on.

Educational donations needed for continued growth

As annoying as all the letters, e-mails, and Facebook messages asking for donations may be, they really do make a difference to the school.

Leadership Perspectives

A common and consistent theme in student government campaigns at Carnegie Mellon is a promise of increased visibility or transparency.

Selfless donations clash with ostentatious lifestyle

The massive outpouring from the rich country only comes to the poor country in times of duress.

Rapprochement with Taliban will not solve problems

We have yet to see a real solution that could gain acceptance from nations around the world or from the Afghan people themselves.

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