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Fischbeck’s model predicts the probability of dying

A CMU professor's research of global death statistics allowed him to create a website that can predict the probability of someone dying over a certain time period, after specifying certain variables.

Laser revolutionizes mosquito repellants

At this month's TEDTalks conference, a laser was presented that can shoot up to 50-100 mosquitoes per second, as an effort to combat malaria and other diseases transmitted through mosquitoes.

Health Talk: Aquagenic pruritus

Learn the science behind an allergic reaction to life's essential molecule, water.

How Things Work: Natural Phenomena

Two unexplained natural phenomena, ball lightning and will-o'-the-wisps, may have basis in both science and folklore.

SciTech Briefs

New evidence reveals malaria may have been responsible for the death of King Tutankhamen, compounding other debilitating illnesses that afflicted the king.

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