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Student government elections deserve campus participation

Elections are an enjoyable and exciting time for me because new students will step up with plans to make this university a better place.

Paramedics deserve blame for man’s death

Somehow the first responders we trust to help us in a crisis have confused themselves with chauffeurs.

NBC must respect both subjects and viewers

As journalists, NBC editors and producers must have an ethical standard outside their responsibility to their stockholders.

Journalists risk lives for responsibility, integrity

At The Tartan, we simultaneously mourn the loss of the lives of journalists while applauding the creed that they upheld.

Meat-packing industry has responsibility to reform

Change is before us but no one is going to hand it over; it’s up to us to reach out and grab it.

Barbie battles stereotype as computer engineer

Hopefully, Barbie will help, even if only in a small way, to remove the “geek” or “nerd” connotation from girls interested in engineering.

University of Pittsburgh prioritizes academic study

The University of Pittsburgh has decided to make up the classes that were missed by holding classes on two Saturdays.

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