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TEDTalks come to Carnegie Mellon

In the spring, Carnegie Mellon will host a series of lectures in a student-organized conference in April, titled TEDx.

Cancelled classes result in loss of instruction, finances

Last Monday through Wednesday, Carnegie Mellon canceled classes for the first time since 2003 — and for the first three-day period in the university’s history.

Amizade Global Service-Learning boycotts Ugandan anti-gay law

Amizade Global Service-Learning, a Pittsburgh-based non-profit organization that offers service-based study to students around the nation, has recently taken a stand for international human rights.

Qi Lu heads search engine Bing

Carnegie Mellon Ph.D. alumnus, Qi Lu, has a mission to improve online search experience for Internet users through Bing, Microsoft’s search engine.

Focused Research Awards grant professors $2 million for study

Carnegie Mellon professors were big winners with Google last Tuesday, receiving three of Google’s 12 first-ever Focused Research Awards.

Campus News in Brief

The department of biological sciences has named Nathan N. Urban as its new head.

Lecture Previews

Joseph Kadane, instructor and academic administrator at Carnegie Mellon, will discuss how uncertainty is a common aspect of everyone’s life.

Stats Speaking

Last Sunday was considered by some to be the most important game of the year for professional sports.

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