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Better planning required for winter storm response

When the recent blizzard-esque storm wreaked havoc around town this past week, I just knew I would end up despising the city of Pittsburgh.

Iranians deserve basic rights to privacy, speech

We greatly disapprove of the Iranian government’s course of action because of the inequality behind its actions.

Mandates fail to teach healthy lifestyle

A government ban on junk food in schools should be avoided in favor of a plan that focuses on teaching children to make healthy choices.

Administration rightly places community safety first

We commend the actions of an administration that rightly places the safety of its community as a top priority.

Google starts online buzz

Last week, the depths of the Internet birthed a new social-media love child which was met with a collective: “Um, what?”

Chronicling fantasy sports victories and woes: My story

Fantasy sports are my way of engaging in representative popular culture in a competitive format.

Networks have responsibility for commercial content

Eight days ago, on Super Bowl Sunday, prime-time football got political. CBS, the television station that presented the game on Feb. 7, chose to air...

Leadership Perspectives

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) takes the opportunity every February to celebrate the success and hard work of engineers.

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