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Dept. of Interior selection process needs analysis

Google is not satisfied with just the business world. It wants a piece of the government pie as well.

Low college voter turnout diminishes students’ voice

In Pennsylvania’s Senate race last Tuesday, Republican Pat Toomey defeated Democrat Joe Sestak by a narrow margin — under 100,000 votes.

Deciding academic calendar is not difficult process

We are not sure what the administration has in mind for the calendar, but we do know that this should not require extensive discussion.

Community Opinions: ‘I <3 Hamas’ presentation expressed bias

Even in the depths of our apathy here at Carnegie Mellon, we still seem to know right from wrong.

Obama’s shellacking leads to word revival

Obama has applied resin to his speech, a layer so thick the BBC’s News Magazine has run a piece describing what a shellacking actually is.

Leadership Perspectives

When I first came to Carnegie Mellon, all I wanted to do was make friends while playing a fun sport that would keep me in shape.

Homecoming should reflect unique university culture

We think Homecoming should cater to our specific school culture and not a more general college standard.

Letter to the Editor

The Libraries are important to students and are attentive to student feedback.

A Person's Opinion

This week we decided to turn the tables on our readers. So we asked, if you could ask people any question, what would it be?

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