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Black Friday marks the holiday transition

Be shopportunistic this Thanksgiving with holiday sales.

Art meets intricate performance

Silvia Ziranek astounds audiences at the Waffle Shop

New country albums show off genre’s range

Take a look into the newest albums by Keith Urban and Rascal Flatts.

Tales from abroad: Kigali

Read along as this group of students recounts the challenges and lesson learned in Rwanda

Campus show huge success

Modern Conversation and the Wrong Airport rock out in their campus concert debut.

Homage to film icon in danger

Find out what you can do to help save this iconic museum.

Ex Libris: Misplaced body adds to amusement

Dorothy L. Sayers’ book Have His Carcase is a series triumph.

Everything you need to know

Need advice? Find out what you can do over break to make sure you get it.

Did you know?

Find out which gender had the higher GPA 50 years ago.


Uncover this writer’s reasoning behind the defense of disco.


This week's list of events.

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