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Students need better options for improving writing

More viable coaching options would be a strong way to treat the cause of poor writing skills instead of merely its symptoms.

A slap in the face with every puff

Not only are students ignoring rules about designated smoking areas, they are being disrespectful to a great professor.

Population control, not growth, good for Iran

Mr. Ahmadinejad, it’s time you realized that population growth isn’t a Western problem; it’s a global one.

TSA’s scanning procedures invite traveler backlash

This winter, your best bet is still to hop into a line that hasn’t yet been upgraded from a metal detector to a pornoscanner.

National Day of Listening aims to inspire focus on others, not self

What I have always considered the national day of self will be transformed into something of a national day for others.

Letter to the Editor

The lights outside have made the library unusable after dark.

Issues, not incumbency, should decide elections

Is it becoming the case that voting is beginning to back people into a corner?

Murkowski’s Alaska win creates new opportunities

Murkowski showed that democracy can overcome institutional inertia and that primaries are just that — primary.

A Person's Opinion

The answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42. So we asked, what is the question?

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