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Spooktacular Events

Uncover the spooktacular events happening this week.

Pittsburgh faces its zombie apocalypse

Discover the musical wonder of the undead apocalypse.

Outshine others with your witty costume

Use this guide to ensure that your costume is the most unique this year.

Greek events raise money for good causes

Students come together to eat donuts, play music, and give pennies for philanthropy

Music students perform Mozart

The School of Music's newest performance keeps audiences captivated.

Radin reinvents his sound

Find out how this artist recreated his sound on his newest album.

Get creative with your spooky treats

Bake your dormmates some deliciously ghastly wicked witch cupcakes

Exhibit redefines photography

Visit this exhibit to see a different take on traditional photography.

Hereafter fails to live up to expectations

Clint Eastwood's newest film fails to live up to its high expectations.

Dance like the undead at your monster mash

Create a perfectly terrifying zombie-rock playlist for your Halloween celebration or party.

Tales from abroad: Peru

Read along as this couple recounts their time volunteering for a good cause overseas

Everything you need to know

Dear Hoskins Brothers, Halloween has come around again, and I’ve decided to go as someone who can’t take a joke. Do you have any tips? Sincerely, Badly...


One writer explores the boundaries of psychedelic music.

Dollar movie

Things get spooky with this week's array of films.

Did you know?

Find out which famous author visited our campus 25 years ago.


This week's events.

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