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David Tepper earns $7 billion

Tepper’s hedge fund firm, Appaloosa Management, recorded about $7 billion in profits in 2009.

Community and campus recognize Martin Luther King Jr.

The campus celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day with panels, processions, and puppet shows. Get a glimpse of the events with these exclusive photos.

Campus responds to disaster in Haiti

After the news of the Haitian earthquake broke last Thursday evening, a call to action sounded across the Carnegie Mellon campus.

Wean, Doherty, and Hamerschlag halls evacuated

The sweep of the building was completed at 2:30 p.m. Wean, Doherty, and Hamerschlag halls were reopened soon after.

OLI granted $4 million to develop web-based learning environments

In recognition of the Open Learning Initiative’s dedication to educational opportunities it has received $4 million in grants to expand upon its work.

Universities respond to failing economy, adjust curricula

Many universities have been forced to adjust academic curricula in response to the changing job market.

Tuition tax will not be pursued

As a new semester begins, the city of Pittsburgh continues to search for a way to fill its budget void.

Google leaves the Collaborative Innovation Center, relocates to space in East Liberty

Every time someone mentions the word “Google” on campus, ears visibly perk up.

Campus News in Brief

Howard Schmidt, a distinguished adjunct fellow with Carnegie Mellon CyLab, has been chosen to serve as national cybersecurity coordinator by President Barack Obama.

Stats Speaking

On Jan. 12, a devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake shook Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Lecture Previews

Charles Kane (president and chief operating officer of One Laptop Per Child) will talk to students about the business world.

Crime and Incident

A fire alarm was triggered in the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity house.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Schedule

All events are free and open to members of both the Carnegie Mellon and Pittsburgh communities.

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