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Student Affairs needs permanent leader

Our still newly selected dean of student affairs, Karen Boyd, has resigned.

Copenhagen climate summit failed to achieve goals

“I’m sorry. We could have stopped catastrophic climate change... we didn’t.” —Future President Obama.

Companies should follow Google’s lead

After giving in to China’s demands for four years, Google has decided to stop censoring its search results.

Leadership Perspectives

The university community has come together to help Haitians in need as a result of the recent earthquake.

Goal of security should not destroy privacy

We should look at terrorism and security in a larger context, one in which the benefits of freedom outweigh the costs of absolute security.

Burj Khalifa’s size does not reflect economic power

Earlier this month, the tallest building in the world opened in Dubai to a sparkling ceremony of pomp and circumstance in the Middle Eastern emirate.

Late-night controversy takes away from actual news

In light of recent global events, people should be able to depend on news and media for consistent updates of what is truly going on.

Scandals tarnish athletes’ images

Athletes have a responsibility to have their private actions correspond to their public image.

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