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Tales from abroad: Brazil

Learn about the welcoming nature of the Brazilian culture in this student’s firsthand account.

Cook up simple but satisfying kai jeaw

Kai jeaw is a simple staple dish of Thailand — something like the peanut butter and jelly sandwich of America.

Tragedies, comedies, and musicals

Don’t miss the variety of drama productions happening this fall semester.

Pittsburgh Opera brings Russian tragedy to life

From the first note played to the last emotional chords sung, the Pittsburgh Opera’s presentation of Eugene Onegin was a huge success.

Eat, Pray, Love inspires all

Eat, Pray, Love is the memoir of Elizabeth Gilbert, who travels across Italy, India, and Indonesia.

Aliens and humans battle it out in District 9

Based on a powerful, thought-provoking story of one man’s struggle with South African apartheid.

Dollar movie

See Zach Galifianakis in his breakout movie, The Hangover, this Friday.


Tensions build in light of the G20 summit. How will you respond?

Everything you need to know

Get some advice about romancing a cyber buddy or flirting with your TA.

Did you know?

Find out which home team failed to bring in the fans 10 years ago.


This week's list of events.

Political activism and free expression take over the Fence

Uncover the true metaphor behind the student-built shantytown at the Fence.

Sidereal Prognostication

Nerd out with this week's horoscopes.

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