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Leadership personalities: Leaders are like plants

With 20 of the most powerful people in the world strolling into Phipps Conservatory last Thursday, it was only natural to liken leaders to plants.

Racism, discrimination still exist in Southern schools

I remember going to my senior prom in high school: spending all day getting dolled up — doing my hair, my nails, my make up....

S. African education system in need of radical reforms

For South Africa to produce the world’s next generation of engineers or doctors, extreme reform is in order.

G20, riots provide excitement for students in Pittsburgh area

As I was walking through Oakland on Friday night, I was treated to some strange, or rather, stranger than usual sights.

G20 Summit turns all eyes onto the city

We learned this past week that Pittsburgh is not London.

Leadership Perspectives

Whether it was through panel discussions or open discussion among peers, my hope is that students now feel as if they were a part of the Summit.

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